For your home or business, beautiful counterpots 

after the entire aesthetic and feel of a room, and 

we have all the services and options you are looking for.

Premire Custom Countertop
Facrication In Indianapolis

When you need new countertops in your Indianapolis home or business, be it high end or simple, granite or solid surface, we have what you need at the heighest quality. We have the experties and customer service you are looking for, and all the newest options and details.

From Countertop
Design to Installation

Elemental Design corp is a family-owned company with over a decade of experience specializing in countertops and multi-surface fabrication. Located in Indianapolis, we don’t build countertops, we build relationship with our clients.

Our team takes you through the entire process, from design to production to installation. In this fast-paced enviorenment and with an overabundance of choices, we focus first and foremost on what is the best interest of our customers: quality countertop details and materials, frieldly and communicative customer service, and great prices.

Most importantly because we are a custom shop, we can provide custom waterfall countertops, mitered edges, and special cut sizes and shapes, and we make the process simple for you, so you can just enjoy your beautiful new countertops.

Custom Countertops
Details and Options

At elemental Design Corp in Indianapolis, we provide expert countertops with the design details and options you are looking for. From simple to heigh end, every detail, edge, and material is the highest quality and made with the top experties and care.

We provide the best selection of quality materials for your customer countertops, including quartz and granite, as well as Dekton and solid surface countertops. No matter what specifications and options you want, we can help.

We specialize in miters, waterfalls, custom cuts, and other edge detailing, in addition to full back splashes. A mitered edge adds an element of elegant simplicity, which may be wahy it is so sought after in contemporary countertops. A waterfall countertop is another extremely popular choice because it adds a dramatic, striking element, with its continuation of the surface down the side, and is especially beautiful on a kitchen island.

We also provide unique and custom edge details and special cuts to fit any project you have in mind, residential or commercial.